Messier 60 is a decentralized ecosystem focused on complete anonymity on the blockchain.The Ecosystem consists of the M60 Dapp/Wallet, M60 Launchpad, M60 Dex/Blockchain.

The Vision of M60

M60 believes in 100% percent decentralization and anonymity. We have upgraded the usual encryption technology to ensure untraceable transactions in our ecosystem. We have consulted and hired top developers in the field to make the vision a reality.

M60 Dex/Blockchain

The M60 Dex/Blockchain will provide users with completely anonymous transactions. Tokens will be able to list on our dex and provide the liquidity necessary. All the tokens created through our Launchpad will be available on our dex as well. Users will be able to provide liquidity on our dex for rewards similar to Uniswap/Sushiswap but our dex will use blackhole technology on all transactions.

M60 Vault

The vault will collect fees from all of our products and these fees will be distributed to our holders quarterly.


6% Buy fee (1% liquidity 5% development)

6% sell fee (1% liquidity 5% development)